i burst and bloom

My new best friend, Spiderman in ice pack form. Why am I constantly breaking my own bones? #iamcaptaincoordinated #spiderman #thisisreallife (at Catherine Beecher Hall)

In nine days, I will finally have a picture for this frame.
In nine days, one of my biggest wishes will have come true.
In nine days, I will finally have met one of my best friends.
Amy, I can’t wait!
#tumblr #tumblrfriends #screeching (at Catherine Beecher Hall)

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people im attracted to

  • guys in bands
  • guys who like those bands
  • guys who look like they could have been in that band 30 years ago

serious Legolas vs. happy Legolas

Steve and Bucky + The Howling Commandos era


Motion City Soundtrack | Castle Theatre | Bloomington, IL | October 12, 2013